CSV file documentation - Sleep as Android

The sleep-export.csv file is a backup file that contains data from sleep records. Each record is saved onto two lines (manually inserted sleep records) or three lines (sleep records recorded by sleep tracking).

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This should really mention the ‘Event’ fields, which seem to match the storage API Event Labels, with the exception that there are both ‘DHA’ and ‘DEVICE’ events which are not mentioned under EVENT Labels at all.

Also, it would be useful to have a better explanation of some of the fields, like how exactly the ‘Geo’ field is generated.

I am also facing the same problem as zeph.
Could you please provide the meaning of the events? I’m seeing DHA, DEVICE, LUX which are not there in the storage API. Further, there is a floating point after the timestamp for some of these events. What are those?
And there is a list of floating points with the frame rate. Are those actigraphy values?