Captchas for snooze

From Ross Mc Carthy on 2017/01/16 05:17:38 +0000

Add a simple captcha to earn a snooze, with harder captchas turning alarm off. It’s too easy to keep snoozing, and a captcha would encourage waking up.

Copied from original feature request:

From Kyle on 2017/08/30 04:52:44 +0000

I use Xtreme Alarm and it's my favorite feature of that app, being forced to answer a math question in order to hit the snooze button

Seconded (visibly in this forum) – I wonder if this has come to the table, and if so what the objections would be?

The case where there could be cases where someone would be struggling to turn off the alarm:

  1. There is a setting that makes the alarm a little quieter during CAPTCHA

  2. Someone has to dig some to enable the setting, so they knew what they were getting into and should immediately think of a solution themselves if they decide they don’t want to keep it enabled

Desperately need this! Just the other day, I woke up to realise that I had already snoozed the alarm 3 times, and had no memory of it - needless to say my morning got very hectic very fast.

Actually thought this would be default when enabling captchas…

+1 for this feature. I am creating alarms for every 5 minutes to simulate this. Please consider this feature

Xtreme alarm app has this feature but I wish this app has this feature too