Enable captchas for snooze

So the other day I woke up and to my surprise realised that I had already hit snooze 3 times, but had no memory thereof. Needless to say, my morning got real hectic, real fast!

I use an NFC captcha to dismiss my alarm, but obviously I can’t be trusted with a standard snooze button. Hence my request:

Please enable an option to require a captcha solve before snoozing.

I’m thinking it should be an easy implementation, since you already have all the building blocks in the dismiss captcha.

Preferably the option would separate from dismiss captcha, so you can choose an easier one for snoozing, i.e. not just a “require for both dismiss and snooze”-type solution.

I saw the same request was made back in 2017:

Hopefully, this can be implemented soon :pray: