BETA Testers Group Reset on 13th December

Dear BETA Testers,

big thanks for all your help so far. Over the time the BETA channel has become too large to be practical. There are 160 thousand BETA testers now so we have to be super careful with BETA releases and regular releases take too long. We are going to reset the group on Friday 13th Dec.

If you want to stay part of our BETA testing process, please return to the BETA group any time after 13th using this link or using “Join BETA” in the Play Store app. Please note that this time we will need to limit the capacity.

At this moment there are no features that are exclusive to BETA (except HR on Wear OS with will become available in the next production release). If you joined BETA just to get exclusive features, this is not needed anymore.

Also, if you rated the app on Play Store while in BETA group, your rating was not made public. If you’d like to influence the rating of the app, please rate the app after the BETA group will be reset.

Many thanks for your understanding and for all you great help!


Thanks! I guess removal from beta/the switch to stable will be automatic, is there anything we should do in order to ensure a smooth transition, like backing up data and restoring to a clean installation, or that wouldn’t be necessary?

Many thanks, no action is required on your end… You will even keep the current BETA version, but than the receive a regular update from a staged roll out instead of the next BETA… no need to migrate anything the only think which changes is the BETA sign on the icon after the update and the version of the app installed. But any time later on you can return to the BETA… big thanks and sorry fro the issues…


Has this happened? Google Play still says I’m a Beta Tester.

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Big sorry for the delay… at the same time we have some problem with AdMob for with we need to get a new version of the app quickly out, so we will probably terminate the BETA on Monday…big sorry for the issues :(…


I want to stay. I just updated, and I am still in it.

Thank you!

Oh, I see. You can return. I wish to return. I didn’t join for features. I joined to help the app. I enjoy participating. :slightly_smiling_face:


For me, the most important thing is, when I could update the fitbit App to the actual version and the connection from the Sleep App to my Ionic is stable.

It looks like the beta reset happened, judging by the app page on the Play store, but I don’t see an option to rejoin the beta. Although when I follow the link provided the site does tell me that I’m still in the beta program.

Does the Play store just need time to process the beta reset before we can join it again?

Hi all, many thanks for the feedback… I tried to reset it today, but when I re-establish a new BETA I still see 160 users in the BETA… so somehow it seems to be that in fact the reset does not remove current BETA users from the BETA… I will try to contact Play Store support on this and find some answer… sorry for the issues :(…

Hello, I think the reset is done, it seems like when you access the Play Store page it will start rejoining automatically though…

Hello, sorry for misusing this thread, I’m just using this opportunity to have few great BETA testers on this thread right now… We are shooting an inspirational video for Google about Sleep as Android and we already have two fan videos (one excellent video from @Robin_Markowitz - once again big thanks for this we do very much appreciate that).

Now we are looking for a third fan video… just in case would anyone on this thread be willing to shoot a very short video - blogger style - on a the phone and say few words about Sleep as Android?

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Hello, sorry for the issues. I should have a temporary solution for the BETA group problems… you can now join back to the BETA if you join the Google group at the following address:


Big thanks and sorry for the issues…


Thank you!

I found a downloadable apk file that is beta, but that’s not the same as being in the program. I will follow the link. Thanks again. :grinning:

Hope you’ve had a very Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


Join the group at that address.!forum/sleep-as-an-droid

It works! So all you have to do is either join, or leave and then rejoin. And then you automatically have access to the latest beta on Google Play which is dated 20191219. Voila!

Thank you. :+1::100:

P.S. – BTW, regarding Google Groups, if you have a history of Usenet posts on any subject (there were something like 10,000 or more Usenet groups from back in the day of dialup), this is where your ancient posts are saved. They are not gone. Thanks for the link!

Hello Robin,

big thanks. I did not know that you need to rejoin the group sorry about that… many thanks for sharing this… and great holidays season to everyone and happy New Year!

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And a happy 2020 to everyone at Sleep As Android!!!

Click the link:
Happy 2020!!!

P.S. - It’s 3:52 AM. Goodnight. Past time to push the button! :sleeping:

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Happy 2020 everyone!