README for Betatesters

A place for all Beta-related discussion and a replacement for the old G+ Betatesters community.
Thank you for helping us make Sleep as Android better!

Opt-in to receive Beta versions from the Play Store

Detailed release notes history

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Thank you for the smooth transition!

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When I try to opt in, I get an error App is not available for this account
Please assist thanks!

A long time ago (not sure how long…) I started to be part of the Beta test… but Now - after same time checking - because of changing my cell phone - I´m not able to get into the beta program anymore…

And it says me, that the account is not available…

any help?

PS: I have an open ticket with the support as my wear os watch dont connect to the sleep application anymore…

@Jan_Kostalek @Gabriel_Arce
Currently you must join the Google Group to be eligible for beta.
Instructions: BETA Testers Group Reset on 13th December