Best Oxygenation trackers

I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, I think I’m ready for an upgrade as I’d like SPO2 tracking. Go for version 4 or is the Ticwatch better or should I just get an o2ring or go2sleep? I’ve never tried any kind of lucid dreaming or anything, but might be nice to have some features to experiment with.

I have 18 years experience in software test and I don’t mind living with bugs for some time. If I can help the community by trying something new, I’d be up for that.

I’ve also been thinking about Samsung’s Watch 4 but so far there are still issues with the data reading. Refer to these pages for updates:

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Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS then?

I don’t know, I haven’t looked into other models. I’d really prefer to stay with the Samsung product line, I try to keep mixing ecosystems at a minimum. Given it’s not urgent for me, I hope this will be solved soon.

I got a Samsung Watch 4 at Costco. I have an LG phone, didn’t realize that would be an issue, but it takes a Samsung phone to to the bloodpressure. I have a couple Samsung tablets… But really the trouble I’m having is that I can’t figure out how to get sleep installed on the watch. In the android watch app, seems really easy to get apps on my old watch, GW2.
Downloaded this:
But when I try to run it and install it on the phone, it asks if I’m sure and then says “Not installed”. ugh.

Uninstalled and reinstalled everything on the phone. Reset the watch. Then I got the option to install to the watch on the app page from the play store.

Got a Ticwatch 3 pro gps also. Trying to decide which I like less… Have not yet managed to get sleep installed on the Ticwatch. But the Samsung was a challenge also. I will play with them and decide which to take to bed. Tomorrow, I will try the other. Both are larger framed than my previous, but I guess that’s life. They are younger than my previous at least.