Barcode Captcha not working

Detailed description of the problem:
When i press the “Scan” button i get a google vision api error stating that i should install a barcode app.
this was not needed before the 2 versions bellow.

Steps to reproduce:
Same as above.

Version of Sleep as Android:
Latest Stable AND Beta versions.

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I have same problem. What is the issue?

As developer I can tell you that using “Latest Stable AND Beta versions.” is not information at all. You must write the number of version of the app like 20200228 and android You must be specific to help developers understand the problem.

This has been lacking response for a long time, I’m sorry about that - I think it deserves an explanation of the Vision API error. What it is, what can be done about it.

Little bit of history at first:
Previously, we were using ZXing library to handle QR code detection in the built-in QR scanner. That one was completely bundled with the app when you downloaded it from the Play Store. However it hasn’t been really reliable when reading the QR codes, needing a steady hand and a lot of patience. Those are not the traits of a person who just woke up to a 4:30 alarm clock :slight_smile:
So we switched to a more user-friendly Google Vision library. That one also works offline, but uses Google Play Services approach - meaning that the library is not bundled in our app, but if any app requests usage of the library, it gets first downloaded into Play Services and then any app can use it. This saves space on your device if you have multiple apps installed that are using the library.

So what’s the “Google Vision API error”?
This shows up when we try to start the scanner, but for some reason, the Google Vision library is not available inside Google Play Services. That may be for number of reasons:

  • it hasn’t finished downloading yet - perhaps if you installed Sleep as Android in the evening and then switched to airplane mode. This would however be only a one-time issue as the library would download the next day once you turn on data
  • low storage - the library couldn’t be downloaded because of lack of space on your device. This should be easy to remedy
  • no Google Play Services - if you don’t have Google Play Services installed, then you cannot use the Google Vision library. There’s no way around it unfortunately at this moment
  • Google issues out of our control - this did happen previously(see 9.0 release notes), the service from which the library is being downloaded did not work for an extended period of time but presently this should not be an issue
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I have same problem with google vision api error so I had to switch to another app ,does anyone found any solution yet? I’m using 20210310 version