The application blocks access to the QR code scanning application

Since I made the update (20201010) I don’t have the possibility to use the captcha QR anymore. When the alarm sounds and I press “scan” I am redirected to the alarm and not to the QR code application. So I can’t even stop the alarm anymore, I’m blocked.
It seems like it’s a security measure to not go back to sleep, except that I searched in the settings and no option allows me to solve the problem.

Hi @hxwfhi,
the options “Power off protection” and “Force stop protection” cannot be used with 3rd party scanning apps as we have no way to allow them.
Please try using the built-in qr scanner - see but instead of the 3rd party scanner in the last step choose “Sleep”.

Thank you for your reply.
I already tried to use the built-in scanner, but I encounter the Google vision API error.

I’ll try to explain what’s going on with the Google Vision API error and what can be done about it in the post you linked to.

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