Amazfit Band 7 + Notify + Sleep as Android - works?

Hi all!

I’ve used Amazfit Band 5 with SAA with Notify & Fitness and Zepp since Jan 2022. It worked fine. But this Amazfit Band 5 is slowly dying now (sometimes reacts to touch but usually not!).
So I’m looking for a new wristband and I’d like to get an Amazfit Band 7.

Question: does Amazfit Band 7 fully work with Notify and SAA? (I want vibrations too, I use the anti snoring SAA function.)


Hello @Petman… I have just rolled our support for Notify for Xiaomi - the Mi band 7, 8 support… but do not remember any specific feedback from users about the Amazfit Band 7… I just see in description on Tool & Amazfit that this is supported but not sure about vibrations…

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Hi Petr!

Thanks for your answer!
Matteo (from Notify & Fittness) replied me that Amazfit 7 is OK and it should vibrate and SAA should work. I think I buy an Amazfit 7 and get back here with the answer! :slight_smile:

@Petman great big thanks, please update here how it goes :slight_smile:

So I bought an Amazfit Band 7 and unfortunately, Sleep as android doesn’t recognise this Amazfit 7 wearable.
Under “Wearables” in Sleep as android the app lets me select “Huami Amazfit (Notify for Amazfit & Zepp)”, it is green after I select it.
But then I select “Test sensor” in SAA and no vibration, after a few sec Sleep as android says “SmartWatch connected: update interval 10s”.
During the sleeping no data recorded from the Amazfit 7.

Any idea what to do?

Hello @Petman… can you please double check that the device is properly configured in the Notify for Amazfit app?

How this works. We do not directly talk to the Amazfit Band 7, instead we have a generic Wearable API for all wearables as described here: … The Notify & Amazfit app is the layer which does the device specific integration and also integration with out API… so technically from out point of view it does not matter whether this is Band 5 or 7… but the band needs to be properly connected / configured in the Notify app… alternatively you can also try the Tools & Amazfit app which explicitedly claims Amazfit Band 7 support and also implements our API… Did that help?

I also have amazfit band 7 and saa works normally, try reinstalling notify for amazfit and disable sleep tracking in “sleep analysis level” in notify app as I think that could conflict with saa, also disable battery optimizations for both apps, also make sure band is connected before sleep because it can lose connection if you walk away too far from your phone,

The Notify & Tools apps are not nearly as polished as Mi Band Tools, and with proper finagling of the settings and sometimes a very specific way of connecting the Band 7 + Notify/Tools + Sleep As Android, you can get them to play nice together. It’s definitely not a plug and play experience and sometimes the connections drop for no reason and they fail to sync up again without manual intervention. Also vibration function does not work.

Maybe in a few years they’ll figure it out, but right now, if you want SAA to work flawlessly and reliably (and with vibration functionality), you’ll have to buy another Amazfit Band 5.

After a test with my amazfit band 7, I can confirm vibration works with saa, my amazfit band 7 is on firmware with latest notify app version if that matters.

Hi Paisano,

Thanks for your answer. I tried reinstalling both Notify and Zepp, I paired the band again, I disabled sleep analysis in Notify and I disabled battery optimizations. The Zepp firmware version is the same as yours:, latest Notify app version.

But it’s the same unfortunately: when I select “Test sensor” in SAA, then it’s no vibration, after a few sec Sleep as android says “SmartWatch connected: update interval 10s”. What I really like using is SAA’s anti-snoring vibration but it doesn’t work now. :frowning:

Anyone who can confirm Amazfit 7 works properly with SAA using the other app, Tools & Amazfit?

Hi, is Bedtime or DND mode on?
If you see Smartwatch connected in the test, then the wearable was paired.

Hi Lenka!

No, I never used these functions (Bedtime, DND mode).
“If you see Smartwatch connected in the test, then the wearable was paired.”

Some data (but somehow not every day!) is retrieved from the Amazfit 7, because there is HR data most of the time.
But no vibration at all and anti-snoring is my favorite function.

I used SAA + Notify with an Amazfit 5 for almost 2 years, it worked like a charm. I loved the anti-snoring vibration. So far, I have no luck with Amazfit 7. :confused:

If I remember correctly, the newer Amazfits have some technical limitations if the Zepp app is involved. Have you tried without Zepp?

Ok, I found the notes from Matteo (Notify developer)

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That’s the only option I haven’t tried so far… TBH I was a bit frightened of the Notify - Authkey guide about the Zepp app removing function! :smiley:
But maybe I’ll take a deep breath and give it a try…

But before that, is there anybody using Amazfit 7 + SAA + Tools & Amazfit, with working vibration?

I also wanna ask, are you using the paid version of notify for amazfit? because in the past, I had an issue with my old mi band 6 where heart rate wouldn’t be measured with sleep as android with the free version of notify, and after I used the paid version of notify, the HR would measure again, it could be that, but with the motion tracking in your case, you should also check the “test sensors” feature in notify app in sleep as android section, because there’s a possibility you have a defective amazfit, I also wanna mention that sleep as android tracking with my old mi band 6 got broken after an android update and I only found out the cause because it was working again in a later update that fixed it a month later, so it could be your phone software, I use a samsung s23, currently.

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Hi Paisano!

Thanks again a lot for your answer and support!
I tried now the “Find band” function in Zepp and in works, the band vibrates. I use a free version of Notify for Amazfit.
In Sleep as Android when I press “Test sensor”, then there’s no vibration and after a few sec Sleep as android says “SmartWatch connected: update interval 10s” and then that big green (Sonar sensor?) picture comes. Definitely no vibration at all, I tried it many many times.
I use a Samsung Galaxy M22 with the latest software.
(I used Amazfit 5 perfectly with this same phone before Amazfit 7.)

Hi, this is explained in the Notify link posted above - the test vibrations and custom vibrations (for example for Sleep alarms) are not working when you are using the Notify and Zepp app together. This is a technical limitation, this information comes directly from Notify app developer.

The sensor test labeled “SmartWatch connected: update interval 10s” - is a testing screen with wearable data. So your wearable is for sure connected. But the vibrations are blocked by the Zepp app.
Sonar test in Sleep is labeled “Test sensor: Sonar”.

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Thanks for the info, Lenka!

do you also use Notify and Sleep without the Zepp app? (With the Authkey method)

yeah, i don’t use the zepp app, just notify for amazfit and Sleep as android