Additional configurable webhooks for IFTTT

Please add the ability to have additional configurable webhooks for IFTTT that fires x minutes before or after one of the predefined events, such as alarm_alert_start.

This would allow me things that are currently not possible. For examples,

  • Turn on coffee machine 10 minutes before alarm.
  • With a smart power strip, turn on car engine warmer 20 minutes before alarm.
  • Turn off LIFX light (that I’ve set up already as wake up light) an hour after the alarm is dismissed.
  • Turn up smart thermostat 20 minutes before time to bed alert to make bedroom warmer sooner.

There should probably be around 5 of these and it should be possible for them to be enabled / disabled on a per alarm basis. Thanks.

Hi, we wouldn’t like to do this inside Sleep as there is a huge variance in what would different users want to do, and there will be also a big connectivity issue. It would lead to essentially recreating Tasker inside Sleep.
I recommend either using or similar, or using Tasker integration.

@jiri-urbandroid what I am request actually CANNOT be accomplished simply by using Tasker or the link you suggest. This is because what I want is to have things done BEFORE (not just after) the actual event.

So let’s say if want to warm up my car’s engine 20 minutes before the alarm, there is no way Tasker or any other app would know when to do that because the “alarm started” event would only fire 20 minutes later (at the set alarm time). So unless there is an app that can predict the future, the only way this can be done is to have Sleep as Android fire a webhook 20 minutes before the alarm to trigger the IFTTT action. There is really no other way around this and thus adding this feature would not simply be “recreating Tasker inside Sleep”, as you said.

Hi! I’ve created this request Please add some "Alarm configured" or "Alarm activated" Webhook
If there would be such a WebHook, you would’ve be able to fire all those actions using some kind of home automation service.
Please take a look into it and if you think it deserves your vote - I don’t think that I need to continue here)

And about turning off the lights - it’s also be better done via home automation using status of anybody’s presence in the house