Please integrate with the Oura Ring


From Jake Moroshek on 2017/06/07 02:57:18 +0000

They have one of the most accurate sleep trackers on the market so it would be great to somehow use some of that data in the app.

Copied from original feature request:


From Jake Moroshek on 2018/02/06 16:44:01 +0000

I believe it does:


From Robbie on 2018/02/06 09:17:31 +0000

I would also like this - I've preordered the second gen Oura ring. I used to use SaA when I had a Pebble watch, and I miss it…


From Felix Schlegel on 2017/10/08 21:31:53 +0000

Agreed, the oura ring has the most accurate sleep cycle detection. would be amazing to combine it with the smart period alarm.


Bump. Second gen ring coming soon, would be great to have this integrated.


I have pre-ordered the second gen one after misplacing the original so I think it should also get sleep data integration.


I think it would be great to have the best tracker paired up with the best app!! I have my Oura ring on order. Would love to use that instead of my watch at night.


I love my Oura ring, so I’d also appreciate the implementation.
API info is here


Has there been any development with this yet?