Data file import add-on: accel, SPO2, HR

Hi everyone,
Create Sleep as Android record from wearable’s data file the morning after.

I use an O2ring. After waking up, and exporting the data from that wearables app, I’d like to create a sleep record containing all 3 parameters this wearable collects.

Intended approach: stream the file data as a third party wearable using the Sleep as Android API for wearables.

Since I’m new at Android development, and learn best with examples, I’m hoping to find the source code for an existing add-on.

I would prefer to develop this new add-on using Kotlin, given that it’s the language that JetBrains and Google recommend (and is what I’ve been taking training courses in)

As a reference, I’m trying to use the Garmin add-on project on GitHub but face the challenge of not knowing Java. I’m also having trouble getting it to build due to a missing logger dependency.

If anyone is interested in working together on this project, I’d much prefer not to code this alone.

An alternative to creating a new Android app would be to build solution using Automate, which appears to be able to communicate with Sleep as Android API. I’ve only had partial success however. Specifically I haven’t been able to get the wearables API to respond.