Xiaomi Mi Band 3 doesn't work after Andriod Pie update

My Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was working well with Sleep as Android (paired with Mi Band Tools app), but just recently my phone updated to Android Pie (9) and Sleep as Android hasn’t been able to sense my watch ever since. Both the Mi Fit app and the Mi Band Tools app are still working fine and sensing the watch ok.


I’m suffering from what may be a similar problem, but I got a new Essential PH-1 and updated to Pie before installing everything and I’m using a Mi Band 2. I can’t get the Mi Band to connect with the Sleep As Android test or normal sleep.

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I’ll second that. I’m on a Pixel XL with Pie and a Mi Band 3. I wasn’t sure initially because I got the band and the Pie update at around the same time.

ETA: @staff, can you move this thread into the #bug-reports category?

If you haven’t already update to the 20180818 version, everything worked for me after I updated to that version.

My Mi Band 3 is working again after the latest Sleep as Android update! :laughing: Now I can finally go to sleep.

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I’m using a mi band 3 with Notify & Fitness only (without the official MiFit app).
Within the last 2 weeks, I’ve been getting a flat graph.
When I “test sensor” under wearables, I get the message “SmartWatch connected: update interval 10s”, but then there is no activity, just the spinning circle.
I have SaA version 20190418, and Mi Band Notify 8.5.6
Be glad of any suggestions

Hello Andy,
we are actively trying to resolve this issue. We’ve contacted the N&F dev about this and he attempted a fix on his side that should be released in 1-2 days, in version 8.6.3 of the N&F app.

Excellent! Thanks for the reply