X-axis labels and differentiation between the trendline and datapoints!

From Nix Brenner on 2016/07/15 13:31:44 +0000

The graphs in the “advice” tab in particular drive me just a little crazy, and need just a little cleanup or streamlining. An X axis label would be nice, instead of just depending on the title of the graph, as well as the “advice” scatter plots in particular using the same symbol for data points and the trend line. (perhaps the trendline could be a line as in other graphs in the app?) It’s also frustrating that not all of my data points are visible on the graphs (I think?) So having the window of the graph scale based on the data given would make things easier. :slight_smile: I have a degree in biology, so these little things bother me, but I do think any or all of these tweaks would improve the app for everyone…

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