Wrong wake time, can I change it?

I use Mi Fit 2 and I have the Mi Band app and Google Fit. I use the wearables function on Sleep as Android. When I wake up, sometimes I forget to rate my sleep and turn off the tracking, so after I’ve been up a while I notice it. This means the app doesn’t set my correct wake time. Is there any way to edit the wake time or set the app so it stops tracking when I am up and walking around? Thank you!

Hi @Deirdre_Orceyre
Please go to the graph detail screen, there you can use your finger to select any portion of the recording and tap the trash can icon at the top to get rid of the redundant part.

I don’t see a trash can, only scissors in upper right corner. I selected the time I wanted to delete, but it doesn’t delete it.

The trash can has been replaced by scissors icon, because it more closely matches the function.

It should work as you say - select the time portion to delete and then tap the scissors.

Would it be possible for you to record a video of the unsuccesful delete attempt? I cannot reproduce the issue.