Wrong chronotype


The application doesn’t get my chronotype right, I’m definitely a late chronotype (difficult to go to sleep early, not hungry and sleepy all mornings).

But, I need to get up at 7:40 every morning to go to work, so it identifies me as a morning person, not seeing I’m waken up by the alarm clock…

The fact I’m sleeping 10 to 12 hours, and waking up after 11am every day I’m not getting up with an alarm, the application should identify me as late chronotype, but socially having to wake up early.

I always start weekends with a 3h or more déficit and start all Monday with about zero deficit!

Here is what typical week looks like…


Hello @Aude06, chronotype in the app is based on your actual sleeping habits, rather then how you feel about it. But what you could watch for is the social jetlag figure which in your case may be quite high (becuase oif the weekend catch ups) and also sleep irregularity. The aim is keep those figures low fro healthier sleep. If you cannot change your work schedule (which is usually the case) to better suit your natural chronotype the only other way is try to go earlier to bed on workdays to prevent weekend jetlag.

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Thank you, but isn’t chronotype supposed to be my biological chronotype? Sleep irregularities is more than 60min.
I can’t find the social jelag figure in my app.

The app makes me smile cuz it tells me I should sleep 10 hours per night and go to sleep at 11:55pm, thanks I wish I could :sob:

I do try to go early but I always end up to be awake around 11pm when I sleep earlier, that’s the time of the day I get all the missing energy to do stuff at home :skull_and_crossbones:

I think everyone must be morning lark.
Because even this week where I woke up at 5pm once and over 10am more than once it tells morning…

Like really?!?

Hi, the chronotype estimation does not work with the wake-up time (or bedtime), but with the mid-sleep hour.
The midsleep hour for the graph you attached would be (approximately, as I do not know the exact times of the awake) 4:30, which corresponds with the shown midsleep hour on the Chronotype graph. If the other graphs are similar, the mid-sleep hour will be about the same for them too.