Wrist vibration pattern and smartphone delay

As we changed from the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to the Fossil Gen 5 (War Os 2) smart watch, we figured out that the vibration pattern seems to be static. Normally we want to be waked up by wrist vibration only. As we experienced, the vibration pattern is static and frequency and intensity increase over time. In principle this is a great feature, nevertehless in combination with just 1 minute of delayed alarm and vibration on the smartphone (2 minutes not possible in the settings) it is quite short to wake up and e.g. snooze before the mobile starts to ring / vibrate.

Hence we suggest to either choose an individual vibration pattern (e.g. more intense at the beginning) and/or give the chance to delay smartphone alarm and vibtration e.g. to 2 minutes.

Hello Matthias,

from the two options you list:

  • we won’t implement the first one (individual vibration pattern) as that would need to be implemented on all our integrated smartwatches separately and is too much of an overhead currently
  • we already have the second one (delay smartphone alarm and vibrations). You can set that up in Sleep > Settings > Alarm default settings > Alarm sound start and in Sleep > Settings > Alarm default settings > Vibrate.
    You can delay vibrations and sound on the phone for up to 24 minutes.
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