Would you like to help us with a Google campaign?

Hi everyone!

We’ve been invited to participate on a Grow with Google campaign, where they show successful projects that are based on their platform.

We would like to ask you, users of Sleep as Android, if somebody among you would want to participate as well and make short video of yourself talking about Sleep as Android, how you are using it or something else you could think of.

The video (or parts thereof) would be included in the final video presented on Grow with Google website.

Instructions from the agency are following:

Ideally if they could film themselves as a blogger style selfie. Holding phone toward them in landscape mode (horizontal mode). Maybe they are lying down in bed.

Any sound bites (5 to 10 seconds on how the app helped them) really short… and if there is anything funny they could add like… ‘It’s not just changed my life…’ hinting that his / her partner also can now finally sleep well… or something along those lines. Smiley, positive, casual tone of voice if possible. I wasn’t envisaging anything too long or in detail… just fast snippets of users sharing a fee words each, so we can create a montage as intro to the film.

In terms of video quality ideally 4K or HD… depending on the phone they have.

Hope this works out. Hopefully we can get a few more users and they will work as a nice intro montage.

Could we please ask them to also get someone to film them actually sleeping or snoring, if they have someone else there… as trial for another idea we might like to try in the edit… (basically a montage of different people sleeping). Even just a few seconds. I know it may sound fake etc… but I would like to see how it comes across on camera. Might do a fast montage of people in bed if we get enough material.

Please contact me at jiri.richter@urbandroid.org if you are interested.

Thanks a lot!