Working out Sleep Phaser and Xiaomi Mi Band data together

I understand the problems of being connected to two different BLE devices at the same time, not really sure about Android or hardware limitations though, Anyway, using the Notify & Fitness Tool integration intents you could receive events for starting to sleep and waking-up and gather the data later, not in real time, so that we could integrate and have complimentary data on heartbeats. It seems that the Sleep Phaser ends up with a similar but slightly different detected deep sleep intervals and wonder if none of them (Xiaomi Mi and Sleep Phaser) are really accurate but if mixing and processing both data together we could have a really precise interval and better data overall.

I have a similar request for the StressLocator Oximeter. It would be fantastic if the heart rate and pulse oximetry data could be combined with the Phaser data. SAA is already able to pull the heart rate from my oximeter at the same time as it’s using the Phaser for tracking, as I get the little “beating heart” icon, but HR/PulseOx data isn’t logged when using the Phaser. Without heart rate data, sleep cycle detection on the Phaser alone isn’t much better than standalone accelerometer data. In addition, I can’t capture PulseOx history at all, which is a major downside.

Even if the algorithm to combine multiple Phaser/HR data isn’t quite ready yet, can we please at least get HR/PulseOx written to the log and drawn on the graphs, since that data is already reaching the phone?

I would love to be able to have the pulse data alongside with my phasers PIR data to have even better data.
I recently acquired a Mi Band 2 mainly for pulse tracking and though that one could use it in conjunction with the phaser - i mean the more data the merrier and the better the sleep tracking can get an be.