Working and free days

I would like to be able to tag the days I’m working and not, and it be integrated in the social jetlag chart. I don’t have a definable work schedule, so the social jetlag is way of base.

I was wondering this. Does the app assume Saturday and Sunday are free days? This doesn’t apply to a large portion of the population.

Hi, the app doesn’t assume that - that’s why we don’t call it weekend, but working days and free days. See this section in docs.
However what the app does assume is that there is some sort of repeating pattern in the working days. It is not possible to tag certain days as working days - we assume that would be extremely tedious to do manually and people won’t be willing to do it consistently.

Why don’t add the work/free days manually, and if the user doesn’t set it, just let assume the app’ just like it is now ?
Because it obviously doesn’t work for me, my pattern beside holidays is pretty clear, I work from Mondays to Thursdays, buy seeing the dots in work days, some are clearly from Fridays or Vacations…