Work from the power off state

The stock alarm on my OnePlus 7T has an option to wake up the phone from the power-off state.
And there is special permission in the permissions list for that.
It would be great to have an option to use this function with Sleep as Android app, as it is my favorite app for many years.
Thank you!

Hello, I don’t see there would be any API for this we could use… or you see any documentation on that? Thanks…

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You are right.
I’ve reached the OnePlus support team with this question and they said there is no Power of alarm API for third party apps.
It seems like the stock app uses Qualcomm poweroffalarm.apk.
Can be found in /vendor/app/poweroffalarm/
Package name com.qualcomm.qti.poweroffalarm

But I think it is not very helpful info.
Thank you for your attention, Petr.
And thank you for your great app, too! I love it!
Best regards!

Many thanks…