Won't connect to Wellue Ring

I had to uninstall SAA and Sleep Viatom 02ring Advanced apps and delete and add the Wellue Ring again into Vihealth. It connected again with Vihealth as usual. I gave Sleep Viatom 02ring Advanced. All permissions opened. SAA added the wearable as Sleep Viatom 02ring Advanced says to do so ( go into wearables, add-ons, add O2ring, enable heat and pulse detection ). Still, when I hit sleep tracking, it is NOT connecting to the O2ring; if I change it to sonar and click on test, it detects the sonar function is okay. Still, when I hit sleep tracker, it doesn’t connect to the ring—I spent 1 hour from 3 am to 4 trying to figure it out and managed nothing. Can someone please help me? I’m desperate, thanks

Hello Vako, this sounds like your phone is interfering with the connection, are all involved apps allowed to launch?