Withings ScanWatch support

I have noticed some discussion regarding Withings Steel HR watches that are not supported. Have you considered to support Withing ScanWatch model?


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Would also appreciate support for scanwatch

Hello, unfortunately, Withings wearables do not have a public-facing API we could use for the integration. The device needs to have an API that grants access to adhoc sensor data. Unless they share the API, there is no much we could do. We are very sorry.

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Thank you for the update. Hope for some change in the future.


Hi Lenka, this seems to be describing the same thing you are -> https://developer.withings.com/oauth2/#feature-requests
Am I getting something wrong?


Hi all
Any news on the Withings Scan Watch integration. There is an API as per above post. Would find this most useful as I have over a couple of years data on Sleep as Android and I now have Withings ScanWatch and Scales which could feed into the app. The alternative bus to move to the Withings app which is less than ideal.

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Hello, they have a limit for requests:
“The request limit is 120 requests per minute for a registered partner”.
Even if we would be able to lower the frequency to once per minute (which is not realistic at all), it means only 120 users would be allowed to use this integration at the time.
With their Enterprise plan, this limit was recently increased to 1500, but it is still a great limitation for us and our users. This API is probably meant only for apps, that syncs the data in the morning, but not for the app, that uses data in real-time.
We will check our options, but if there is really a limit, it won’t work.

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Why couldn’t you just sync data in the morning instead of querying in real time?

Because sleep as an android´s point is in real-time evalutation of your sleep pattern? How is the functionality of this app compatible with only mornings querying of data?

Why not though? Just because you query once a day doesn’t mean you can’t get high resolution data. I’m not going to check my sleep patterns during the night…

Well, speaking for myself here, but the main point of sleep as an android for me, is that it analyzes my sleep DURING the night to wake me up during a time window, in which my sleep is the “shallowest” in order for me to be as well rested as possible. I believe that is the main point of the apps existence.

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I see what you mean, yeah those features wouldn’t work indeed. But maybe you could still use the wearable to collect data and continue to use your phone for realtime features.

Hi people, so the issue, as I understand it, is that withings is stingy with the access to their API, and /or charges for it. I would be willing to pay you for this feature. Would you, other withings users? It would solve a major sore spot for us, and we wouldn’t have to give up either our favourite app or watch :blush:

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I sure would be willing to pay for it too!

I created a new post that might be of interest to (a segment of) other Withings users, so I thought I’d link it: Provide sensible alarm options for unsupported wearables like Withings watches

This looks like another possible use case similar to the new topic I started for “morning after” data import integration.

Could it be an idea to explore the Advanced Research API: