Wildly inaccurate sleep time? (Probably settings, my bad)

The past 3 weeks, I broke my phone so switched to a cheap xioami while the Samsung was being repaired, on the backup phone my sleep tracking was very weird, specifically for example, sleep from 23:00-06:00. Total amount of sleep 03:00 hours. It just doesn’t count right even though it’s tracking the whole sleep?

I assumed this was down to the phone but now replaced both those with a pixel 7 and I’m getting the same thing?

I just do what I’ve been doing since 2014, press sleep when I lie down and save it when I wake up. And now it seems to count a random slice of the night as asleep and ignores the rest. Every morning I then have to delete that sleep record and manually add and it logs the correct amount of sleep.

Screenshots attached to explain better

This is with the current version as of 1st Jan 2023.!

Apologies for the screenshot spam, just trying to capture some different days on both phones. But hopefully you can see, as per that last example,. sleep from 23:19 - 06:22.

Total 3:46 hours. :confused:

Hi, the sleep duration is counted only from sleep phases, so the awakes are not counted. And you seem to have tons of awakes.
Also, your actigraphy data looks abnormally flat. Where exactly do you keep the phone during the tracking? This looks like the app could only read some “white-noise” movement and not your actual sleep movement.

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I put my phone on the table at the side of the bed which has never caused any issue in the past 8 years or so, so it’s odd that it’s now thinking i’m awake? The other sleep data lines are all flat because I’ve manually added them to correct the incorrect times.

Otherwise that makes sense though, perhaps I need to change awake detection setting, which I hadnt realised/considered? Thank you!

(I can’t believe I bought a new phone because I thought my cheap one wasn’t tracking sleep properly and it’s just a setting, I am an idiot!)

Is it possible you used the sonar sensor for monitoring your movement with the previous phone?
On this phone, you have accelerometer sensor - which means the phone needs to be placed directly in the bed (see https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/sleep/sleep_tracking.html#using-accelerometer).
If you prefer contact-less tracking, you need to change the sensor in Settings > Sleep tracking > Sensor > Sonar.

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Yup, turned the sensitivity down on everything and it’s logged properly. Thank you!