Wifi connectivity for Philips Hue Smartlight is broken or useless

In beta 20201005 my WiFi does not get enabled on Oneplus 6 (android 10). In all versions before I had similar issues.
I did report several issues multiple times without a fix via Mail.

When the alarm is ringing the WiFi either did not switch on or it is very slow in the connecting process to router. It get constantly switch on and off. I would recommend to have Wifi connection enabled the whole time while the alarm is ringing and Smartlight option is enabled.
It does disconnect way to quick before the Hue lights are even enabled or the color has been changed or even a valid wifi connection is established.
When the Hue lights is randomly working they are shining white. I could not identify any raising sun or change of color. So too few color information had been transfered due to wifi issues to the Hue hub.
Maybe the Oneplus 6 is reporting to earlier a established wifi connection back to the app.

One thing which has to be changed too is the snoozing procedure which is so frustrating. When selecting snoozing the smartlight stays active. I would have expected that it get switched off. But it never worked in the last years on my device.
I could forced it by enabling wifi manually but it is just possible in 1 of 50 tries because the wifi is getting disconnected automatically every second.

Give us the please an option to have WiFi constantly on during wakeup procedure. It would fix most of the problems I guess.

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