Why sleep record data count towards the end date - Sleep as Android

There is no clearcut answer to which day the sleep between them belongs.

We have decided to attach the sleep to the day after, because how you slept will largely determine how your day will be.

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This is helpful to know but it would be more helpful to have it seen as the night connected to the day we went to bed.
If you know what country we live in and have the set hour cut offs (which are currently pointless) is there no way you can trial it in part of an upgrade?
I know when I posted a question on it someone else agreed that this is confusing and would be preferable and more helpful to have it connected to that day.
I enjoy this app as it’s easy to use but it’s actually a reason I would change apps as I have to started to have to put a tag stating the day I slept to the night to remind me and it’s incredibly frustrating and needlessly time consuming but I have memory problems and cannot leave it how it is.