Why SaA doesn't use the information about getting asleep?

The application is able to detect when we get asleep, yet the beginning of the tracking is not shown as awake in the graph. Why?

Hello @Pilda, we use several awake heuristics:

  • frequency of movement
  • intensity of movement
  • light in room
  • using the phone
  • detecting talking

If you lay in bed trying to fall asleep but not yet 100% asleep those heuristics may not trigger, but also I think this usually short transitional state isn’t easy to detect using the sensors we have.

If you are referring to the lullaby features - turn off volume when asleep, this uses a slightly different approach - we start to slowly turn volume down when we sense minimal movement - like in a deep sleep - if users are still awake they can always correct this with the volume button which delays this process, if this period lasts for longer time the volume will get to zero… but this is not the fall asleep moment which probably happened already… this is a point where we are quite sure you are already sleeping.

Thanks for the response. I meant the After fall asleep tasker event. It seems to be quite accurate. Much more accurate than the results in the graph. I would appreciate the app used this time for the graph. Maybe you could add an option to the settings.