Why does the app scream at me randomly some mornings?

I don’t understand why this sometimes wakes me up abruptly with the full volume angry alarm early in the morning. I am always too sleepy to figure out what’s going on and forget to check into it, but I captured a screenshot this morning when it happened:

![Screenshot_20240307-072120_Sleep|281x500](uploa d://tiuFJutWBsrfzAPpVGZsg158HIw.jpeg)

I don’t know why it’s at full blast at 7:21 when it’s supposed to be a gentle water sound alarm later. These are the settings:

Jello @o12345,
the alarm has 30-minute smart period, so at 7:21, it could have been in progress for 21 minutes (if the smart alarm was triggered really early).
If you had the selected ringtone, but very loud, the gentle volume increase could have been already at 90-95% of the volume.
If you heard a basic sirene ringtone, the backup alarm (full volume alarm) was already triggered after 20 minutes. The backup alarm is triggered if you do not react to your alarm for more than 20 minutes.

If you need more time to wake up, prolong the alarm time out in Settings > Alarms > Alarm time-out.
Or, try another ringtone if the gentle water sound does not wake you up even at a loud level.

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(if the smart alarm was triggered really early).

What triggers the smart alarm? Shouldn’t the backup alarm wait until the end of the “smart” period? This morning the gentle alarm was still going at 7:30 am as I would expect.

The smart alarm is triggered when a light sleep phase is detected.
The alarm time-out has no connection to the smart period, it is triggered after 20 minutes after the alarm start. You can configure a different alarm time-out period if needed.

Kept happening to me night after night. I have the Hail Mary song. Full blast, woke me up like I was late for church. I don’t use Smart Wake up nor backup alarm just regular alarm. I keep setting volume to low mid range but nope next morning full blast went to alarm screen and was at full volume did that 3 night in a row, fourth night it gave up and accepted my settings :person_shrugging:

Hi, are you using the Gentle volume feature, or do you have “current system alarm volume” configured?
If you rely on the system alarm volume, it might not be suitable for waking you up, and the app won’t be able to change it when the alarm already started. Any other app, or the system can alter the alarm system volume.
The Gentle volume feature gives the app full control over the alarm volume, and it always goes from zero to the max (or till you snooze/dismiss).