Why do I not see a rating in my sleep stats?

In my sleep graphs, the pie charts at the top, I only see my Sleep Score,Duration, Irregularity, Deep Sleep and Efficiency. Same when I go to Stats from the main menu. I don’t see Rating. I also don’t see Snoring because I don’t have that turned on. Nor HRV and Breath because I don’t have sensors for those.

Is there any way I can fix this? Or am I just missing a setting somewhere?

David Chamberlain

Hello David, do you rate your sleep graphs with the stars?
Every morning, you can rate the sleep with the star system (1 star being the lowest rating, 5 stars the highest). The app then takes this subjective rating and uses it for the stats.
This is especially powerful when combined with tags. You can for example realize, that you feel less rested in the morning after heavy fitness activity / drinking coffee…

Thank you. That never occurred to me.

I haven’t been rating my sleep because I have so many problems sleeping I figured I’d probably rate them 1 star (or less if that’s possible).

I started rating them and I’ll look after a while and see if the other stats show up.