WHOOP integration/connectivity

I’ve taken a WHOOP membership and got the WHOOP 3 along with it.
I’d love to also be able to hook this into SAA for Data set comparison from measurements.

Is this on your guys radar/horizon?

Obviously not…though STILL not?
Those look like some of the best performing sleep trackers according to several trusted reviews (e.g. TQS The Quantified Scientist and others)…

The results of the tests are relevant, because sleep as android app works with raw data from sensors. But these tests are comparing data that are processed by manufacturer algorithms, so its only valid if you want to use their proprietary app. Nontheless I’m rooting for the broadest suppor we can get. Unofortunatly lot of manufacurers doesn’t provied api access to the sensors, so the devs of Sleep as android can’t do anything with it.