Which wearables have the best integration?

Which wearables have you used or are familiar with that support the full set of Sleep As Android features? There are too many to choose from and it would be great to narrow it down a bit. Thanks!


I am wondering the same thing. My doctor would like me to send him some data about my sleep and asked me to get a fitbit, but I’m not sure what would be the best device to work with sleep as android.

I would like to use a Fitbit but they are still in Beta for the sleep app.

I use the Versa 2 and it seems to work good once you set Sleep to not optimize battery on Android 10 (Pixel 3a).

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I think the wearable market is as a kind of a crisis at the moment. Few years ago the option would be Pebble, which is now bought by FitBit. FitBit seems to be a good emerging platform with it’s Ionic and Versa, but they are not cheap and the SDK is limited so we could only implement sleep tracking there with a lot of reliability compromises.

  • Samsung Gear are terrible at battery life so you need to charge the device nearly twice a day with sleep tracking every day. Moreover Tizen (Gear) is developed by Samsung and thus it is extremely buggy and badly supported

  • Wear OS by Google is a little better off as unlike Samsung it supports sensor batching on most models - this allows us to collect all sensor data and still keep the watch in standby most of the night. But still battery life is a far cry when compared to Pebble where you could track sleep and use the watch for at least 7 days without charging.

  • Garmin is expensive and there are bugs in the firmware so we cannot work reliably on all models. Although battery life is probably the best in the category (still not reaching Pebble).

  • So what is left - the Mi Band (so some of the supported Amazefit watches) - it is cheap, but our connection to it is reverse engineered (through the Tools & MI Band app). Xiaomi can decide any time to break all integrations with a firmware update which they already did few times. But with that price tag maybe this is not a huge risk. Also there are two apps which support it for sleep tracking with Sleep as Android so if one does not work for you maybe the other will?

I would also recommend to at our Sonar as an alternative to an wearable - our contact-less sleep tracking (if your phone supports it). Or look at our Sleep Phaser - sleep tracking smart light.

For sonar we use ultrasonic sleep tracking, the phone HW needs to support this. If it does you can keep it on the side table for a full featured seep tracking. On some devices this is sensitive enough to detect your respiration.

Please check here:

with a video here:

Here you can find details on Sleep Phaser:

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My Pebble is having battery capacity is lower then before. So I thinking about update.
I used Pebble built-in smart alarm which monitors my last 30 minutes to wake me on light sleep.
I didn’t find any wearables which has such feature.
I kinda like Garmin Fenix 6 series or forerunner 945. They also don’t have smart alarm, but sleep as Android could help me with that. Right? I kinda worried, that sleep as Android Garmin plugin has very low ratings on play market. Would I have problems with sleep as Android and Fenix 6 or forerunner 945? Battery dying over night or similar?
Also would sleep as Android start automatically?

I don’t like Fitbit touchscreen. By the way they are acquired by Google :slight_smile: So Google now owns Pebble legacy :slight_smile:

We’re trying to fix the battery drain problem on Garmin, there’s currently a workaround (don’t start sleep trcking from phone but from watch) and a fix attempt rolled out yesterday.
That said, the Garmin integration has a few hiccups due to the unstable underlying platform and Garmin’s attitude seems to be to not invest in bug fixing efforts.

Btw Fitbit hasn’t been acquired by Google yet - it should happen 2021 AFAIK but Google may still cancel…

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I love how this app works. I use wearables at night for heart rate tracking (initially it was my Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro but I replaced with a Versa 2). Before I did that I used sonar. I like the fact my phone (Pixel 3a) is sensitive enough to pick up my respiration (for at least part of the night it seems) but I also like tracking my HR through my Versa 2. I wish there were a way to integrate sonar when using wearables. I won’t use sonar for that reason (although I did have to one night last week because the Fitbit wouldn’t connect…that was a sync issue with Fitbit however). Thanks for all that you do to support this.

Also, is there any plans to try and integrate the EOV (Estimated Oxygen Variance) that Fitbit uses in it’s sleep tracking with SaA?

I prefer the fitbit ionic.
Maybe not the best and most stable connection to sleep app but I think the whole environment around the fitbit wearables is great.
If you like to do sports, it does not only track the heart rate and the steps.
In the ionic is a nfc chip to pay, you can hear music with ear knobs and so on.
I like the watch.

I’m considering the Garmin Venu. Is it supported? Opinions?
(I’m coming from a Fossil gen 5 watch. Great for some town but not for athletic activity.)

Hello, I finally have some good answer on this topic: