Which watch to choose

Hello, just a little question. Which watch do you think is best for use with this app ? I already have a Nokia Steel HR but the API it isn’t compatible, so I plan to buy a Xiaomi Band 2 or 3, is this a good choice ? Thank you, and goodbye.

I currently use a Mi Band 3, and when used with the Mi Band Tools app it works perfectly

I have used the Mi Band 3 and the Gear Fit 2 Pro. The Mi Band is definately the better choice, the battery lasts many nights and it is very affordable. I use the Mi Band at night while my Gear is charging and then swap them out in the AM.

Pebble Time. Still the best, a great price! You’ll need the mirror site to download the phone app. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/pebble-technology-corp/pebble/pebble-4-4-2-1405-62d45d7d7-endframe-release/pebble-4-4-2-1405-62d45d7d7-endframe-android-apk-download/

And then sign into Rebble here: https://auth.rebble.io/auth/?next=%2F

And you have the best, plus a plethora of cool watchfaces and apps. Oh, download the Sleep As Android watch app, of course, from the Pebble App Store that you downloaded.

No fussing, no add-ons, no struggling: it just works. If you want HR, use a BTLE HR device: I recommend the armband style.

For fashion, go to Pebble Junkies on Facebook for the best wraps and straps. Who says nothing lasts forever?

Well, somebody asked. So, truth.