Which watch to choose

Hello, just a little question. Which watch do you think is best for use with this app ? I already have a Nokia Steel HR but the API it isn’t compatible, so I plan to buy a Xiaomi Band 2 or 3, is this a good choice ? Thank you, and goodbye.

I currently use a Mi Band 3, and when used with the Mi Band Tools app it works perfectly

I have used the Mi Band 3 and the Gear Fit 2 Pro. The Mi Band is definately the better choice, the battery lasts many nights and it is very affordable. I use the Mi Band at night while my Gear is charging and then swap them out in the AM.

Pebble Time. Still the best, a great price! You’ll need the mirror site to download the phone app. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/pebble-technology-corp/pebble/pebble-4-4-2-1405-62d45d7d7-endframe-release/pebble-4-4-2-1405-62d45d7d7-endframe-android-apk-download/

And then sign into Rebble here: https://auth.rebble.io/auth/?next=%2F

And you have the best, plus a plethora of cool watchfaces and apps. Oh, download the Sleep As Android watch app, of course, from the Pebble App Store that you downloaded.

No fussing, no add-ons, no struggling: it just works. If you want HR, use a BTLE HR device: I recommend the armband style.

For fashion, go to Pebble Junkies on Facebook for the best wraps and straps. Who says nothing lasts forever?

Well, somebody asked. So, truth.


Are you interested in Apple watch?