When watch battery dies

… keep tracking on phone. Will require phone to be on bed of course.

It’s just really hard to break Sleep As Android, but if the watch turns off, you need another option. The phone app keeps recording, in my experience. Now, you may be using a different watch than mine with different firmware, but I think the phone app’s got all that protective coding built in no matter what your watch. It should switch right over.

Personally, after the Note 7 debacle, we all learned about the dangers of large Lithium Ion batteries. Turns out this had happened before, iPhones, other Android phones, etc. They got so hot stuffed in the bed sheets and pillows that they started to burn, as in fire! I will NEVER put a phone on or in the bed ever again. Your choice.

So yeah, that’ll work if the watch has broken the connection. I did it once years ago. 2015, I think it was, and I put it on the bed. I don’t remember why it happened, but it did. Because I charge my watch almost every night before sleeping. (I use a Pebble Time, so I don’t really need to do that, but I charge it anyway. Takes me a few minutes to get back to 100%.) But I just don’t think using the bed is worth the risk when there are so many other options. Use Sonar in that case, I would suggest. Sonar works and is perfectly safe. It doesn’t stop the app from recording, especially if you catch it fast.

The only thing about it is getting back to “settings” while it’s recording. You could choose “stop and save,” but you can’t merge graphs. Perhaps Stop And Save will go right back to the original recording after you switch to Sonar. I hope that’s on the to-do list: merging graphs that belong together. :slightly_smiling_face: