When using Pebble watch, ado ability to disable vibration

From Thomas Beaton on 2014/11/08 11:29:33 +0000

I like using the watch accelerometer to monitor my sleep, but I wake up with the progressive volume increase. The watch vibration usually jars me awake. Maybe offer the option to “start vibrating after” as a selection of never, 1 min, 2 mins, 3 mins, etc.

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/6684954-when-using-pebble-watch-ado-ability-to-disable-vi

From Guy Togbenou on 2016/04/16 00:33:55 +0000

I would like to use my watch for sleep tracking and remote controlling "snooze" and "dismiss" but don't want the watch to vibrate. Reason: I like to listen to my playlist while waking up, but the vibing watch "annoys" me so much that I stop the alarm with playlist altogether.
Or at least a setting for how and when the watch should vibrate (delayed vibration like for the phone).

From Anonymous on 2014/12/10 21:26:02 +0000

Petr has today been generous to make a special version of the app where vibrate is removed.

Here it is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11526435/Delade%20på%20nätet/SleepAsPebblenovibrate.pbw

Download to phone
Open it
Choose open with Pebble-app
Click yes to install external app

From Anonymous on 2014/12/10 08:50:31 +0000

Yes please!

when alarm goes off I want to be awaken by my Philips hue, not vibrate from pebble.

  • vibrate is turned off in pebble general settings
  • also I have DO NOT DISTURB enabled in pebble
  • vibrate is turned off in sleep as android
  • vibrate after gentle alarm in sleep as android

still the pebble vibrates the moment alarm goes off.