What's under the sticker on top of the Sleep Phaser V2?

Received the Sleep Phaser V2 yesterday. Not sure if it is technically improved on the original, but the form factor is better and sits more stable on my nightstand.

I have to see if the connectivity has improved over the original, as the older model often lost connection with the smartphone and ended up not monitoring the breath rates.

Another thing is the operation button on top of the V2, indicated with a sticker. I dislike the sticker, I think it is rather not good looking. I’m not sure what’s underneath though. Possibly something more ugly :-). Can someone tell me what’s underneath the sticker? If it’s a bearable sight, I will take it off :-).


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I also received mine last week. That sticker should go so I’m also interested in what’s underneath.

Do you know if there is a mode that turns off the light automatically after 30mins? Was that available in the previous version?

It’s just the injection molding seam (dot) in the middle and the touch sensor on the inside of the plastic, which isn’t really visible when it’s off.

Ignore the sticker residue:

Briljant! That is a lot better than the sticker. Thanks for sharing.