What is the best way to use pixel watch with sleep as android


was using the app mainly for the alarm and in the past for some sleep tracking. Got a Pixel Watch and want to try it all out again. Sharing the bed with SO who I don’t want to disturb.

My main goals:

  • alarm with smart period tracked by wearable
  • alarm should sound from the phone (can vibrate first on the wearable, don’t really care about that)
  • lucid dreaming only on the wearable (only vibrating)
  • Dream Diary captcha
  • pixel watch should be in bedtime mode
  • fitbit tracking should work
  • not really interested in the tracking of sleep as android itself but the smart period should work

I activated the following:

  • smart period, captcha dream diary and lucid dreaming is activated. Tested the lucid dreaming vibration and got 3 vibrates on my pixel watch
  • synced via health connect fitbit and sleep as android (not sure if necessary but does not hurt either i guess)
  • activated pair tracking

Now to my questions:

  • I read, that bedtime mode on the pixel watch does not work because the vibrations are not working, correct? So lucid dreaming would not work, right?
  • If bedtime works, does it automatically start everything necessary for sleep as android so smart period, tracking etc. is working or do I have to start tracking and than activate bedtime mode?
  • If bedtime mode does not work, would I need to start sleep as android tracking and than something like theater mode (to disable the display)?
  • Is the dream diary only accessible in the comments of a tracked day or can I view it somewhere all together?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Did this support forum for a premium app sometimes… Actually respond to people ?

I wonder how so many support forum can exist when you just have a LOTS of subject that no one answer.

Why nobody give a answer to that ?

Hello @tripop, big sorry you had to wait, your thread got lost in the new topics created during the Christmas break.
If you feel you are waiting too long, you can ping the topic again, or contact directly support@urbandroid.org (or from the app (?) > Contact support).

Bedtime mode blocks all vibrations, lucid dreaming vibrations, and all other vibration-based features - including alarms.

Bedtime mode only blocks vibrations, it will not break sleep tracking or start sleep tracking.

Theater mode is fine only if it does not close BT. Which display are you trying to disable - the wearable, or the phone? Both should have a dim during the tracking.

Dream Diary entries are saved in the Note section of each graph. They are available in the graph details, or in the backup file (csv file, Comment section) - Left ≡ menu → Backup → Export data → Share → save the file to some convenient location, and open. It is a table file, so it can be opened with Excel for example.