What happened here?

I use sonar to track my sleep. The phone is right next to my bed but today it only recognized 6% deep sleep.

Was it measured right or is it a bug? Because I feel as awake as yesterday when I had 80% deep sleep…

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So… no one?

I wish I could help, but this happens to me all the time. Some days I feel good but got almost no deep sleep; other days it’s the exact opposite. Maybe there’s something else causing it. For me, I think it’s because I’ve been getting to bed too late. If you want more help, you can send a direct message to the app developer,or look for help on the sleep websites like the Sleep foundation.

I have a question: Just curious why you use sonar instead of the accelerometer to track your sleep. I ask because I use the accelerometer and I have strange results at times, especially with the sound recordings. Do you think sonar is better?

Thank you! Good sleeping! Nancie