What does the feep feep sound mean and how to turn off?


Since some few weeks I have a very annoying sound.
Every 1 to 3 seconds something does a very loud, high frequency “feep feep”.
I have no clue why.
I was told that in the log an alarm is visible, but without a cause.

I take on my viatom SPO2 ring (does not matter which)
Start SaA
Start recording
SaA connects to the ring.
I have set a wait for sleep period of 20 minutes.
Sometimes the SaA does now do the ugly sound.
If I stop SaA the sound stops too.
I have abs6no indication why this sound is played.

Sometimes, when I go bed and read a few, my SPO2 drops below approx. 92% . But that’s normal in my case as reading uses more O2.

That feepfeep I get rid off by restarting SaA.

In the morning, when I am half awoke the feepfeep starts again.

What’s that?

SaA has this deep feep recorded.
But I don’t know where I find the MP4 to upload it.
I am sure you’ll know it what the sound means.
It would be very nice if it would be explicit logged what the event i, better write it on the screen besides the other comments like “activated flight mode”.

Any hints?

How to upload the recording?
How to turn that off.

Funny effect:
The feepfeep still occurred after stopping SaS.
Every 8sec (the interval between the feepfeeps are not equidistant)
So I did a new start of the phone (pixel 6)
To my big surprise the feepfeep was still there. But only 2 or 3 times, then there was silent.
As if the feepfeeps were stored in a que.
I have it only when SaS is/was running.
Maybe SaA doesn’t play the sound it self but causes something other to make this annoying notice?

That sound only occurs when SaA is/was running.

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Hello, are you using sonar as your sensor?
There are three alerts, that do sounds but have no alarm interface - lucid dreaming cues, anti-snoring alerts, and low breath alarms. Do you have one of those enabled?

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Nice to know.

I use wired 3,5mm earphones on pixel 6 with an adaptor.
And Viaatom Pulsoximeter.
Afaik SaA can’t do it own movement detection then.and cant use the speaker.

The current last days I had not these sounds.
Neither while SaA is waiting to start nor is has stopped it in the morning.
Maybe it depends if I start or stop the recording manually?

Currently I can’t reproduce and currently I have no problem. Self healing software! Great! :slight_smile:

last famous words" I didn’t change anything…
I found that the USB-C cable I use loading has a little wickle here and wickle there contact.
I connect the wired earphones with a Y-cable.
If the USB-C power drop for a short moment, Android turns for a short moment to loud speaker.
Earphones are dead for that half second or so.
Could that bring SaaS out of sync?

Sometimes I use one of those super new GaN power supply with 2 PD and 2 USB A.
The Pixel was connected via that now broken cable view USB-A to avoid stressing fast charges in the night (adaptive loading is activated,and sometimes active.).
The other is a laptop with battery protection too.
Some of (or all?) of those GaN loaders have a strange behaviour:
If a device orders new Voltage (say change PD from 5V/3A to 15V3A as a tablet may do when it falls below minimum charge) or is plugged in, it turns off all plugs for a short moment to reorder them.
The USB A supports QC 2 and 3 on.

So, what does SaaS do, when suddenly the state of the audio path is not available anymore? Earphones or speaker. Turns to speaker for maybe 100ms and turns back to earphones?
Will it try to warn the user using the alarm channel?
Without loudspeaker nor earphones?

As the cable was a bit broken and the effect only accures when I hold the phone in my hand and is now gone after replacing the broken cable could that be the reason for the feepfeep?

During recording that’s no problem, as SaA is bound to the O2ring and do not care about audio state?
But when I awake and I move the mobile?

Can things be so complicate to day?

I use earphones and o2 ring.
All three are off AFAIS.

I think the cause of those false alarms were the slightly broken cable/modern power supply.

Wouldn’t it be useful if all events are displayed on the screen and written in the log (and, dreaming, send to text to speech so I don’t have to open the eyes in such cases? :slight_smile: )?

The low-breath alarm is beeping (you can test it in the preview, to check, if that was the same sound), while the sonar would be more like a chirp (metallic, high pitch). Sonar is usually not outside the audible spectrum, but if something breaks the sonar signal, it can be audible.

You should see if the app is using sonar as the sensor directly on the tracking screen. And if sonar is used, there is also a warning about the media volume being kept at max.

The charging method or cable could influence the audibility of sonar, but it is really rare for a cable charging. Usually, only wireless charging is interferring with sonar. A broken cable might be a different story, but I must admit we did not test this.

Sonar uses a media sound stream, alarm volume is a separate sound channel. So there is no switching between them. If audio path (media) is not available during the tracking, the sonar won’t work, but alarms will still work as normal.

The lucid dreaming cue has a ringtone saying “You are dreaming”. Adding a TTS reading it is a lucid dreaming cure might be duplicating this lucid cue message.
The triggered lucid cues have icons on the graph - “thinking bubble” looking like this image