What does the +5 MINS option do? does it make my alarm ring 5 minutes later?

When I press + 5 mins on the watch or phone in the app while it’s sleep tracking

In the beginning of tracking you can let it track 5 min later. If you know that you are not falling into sleep as fast.

Otherwise if you mean +5 when it’s waking you up, it could be the snooze timer.

Also anytime during sleep tracking, the button will start a 5-minute tracking pause. This is useful if you want to signify to the app that you are awake, making the awake detection more precise.

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Is the button the whole rectangle? I am tapping it and it just seems to toggle the text on the right between “awake” and “+5 mins” but it does not seem to affect (eg. stop) the sleep tracking.
What is the exact behaviour expected from the user and then the app?

Hello Yvonne, ye tapping the whole rectangle will extend pause time by 5 minutes. If you want to resume you tap the play button at the top bar… or X for stop…

The pause time is than interpreted as awake in your sleep graph…

Ok, thanks for the details, I will investigate further. The automatic sleep tracking seems very aggressive for my schedule - has been starting several hours before I go to sleep. I’m not sure what it is cueing off.

Many thanks for your message and additional feedback on auto tracking. In general, it can start early but any time it will sense any hints of activity or you using the phone or similar it will finish and clear everything recorded so far to try later on…

First we calculate a window where we expect your sleep to occur. This is based on your phone usage patterns, your past sleeps for a particular day of week etc… in that window we start sleep tracking trials. Any time we sense some significant activity during those trials we stop tracking and try not before the next 15 minutes.

Significant activity is for instance playing with the phone - screen is on, phone is in a up right position, you are touching it.

If you have a wearable connected we will start sleep tracking on your wearable and any time we sense significant activity there - like moving your hands or walking or similar we also stop tracking. This is how a wearable can help to better detect your sleep automatically.

If there is no significant activity tracking will continue and every 15 minutes it requires more input to stop tracking . After 45 minutes it will keep going and any significant activity is than marked as awake in the sleep graph…

Please note that this feature is still experimental. We are constantly pushing new fixes on Automatic sleep tracking into latest BETAs. So please keep the app updated and if you see anything which you think is not ok, please use menu - report a bug indicate the day and time when this happened and we are more than happy to see the log and improve auto tracking based on that…

In case you have further questions please contact us or we will try to keep the following doc updated on that feature:

Thank you for the details! I was surprised because I love the app and this feature seemed dysfunctional compared to the other features, but I understand it is an experimental feature. :slight_smile: I don’t have a wearable, but I agree it would be a great feature so I will try and continue to trial it.