What does "Priority mode" setting do?

When the “Do not disturb when sleeping” setting is activated an extra setting named “Priority mode” appears underneath it. Sadly this setting is not mentioned in the documentation at all. It is not really self explanitory to me specially because in the german translation it says “priority mode of the device”.

Hello, many thanks for pointing this out… by default the app enabled Alarms-only DND mode, if you choose priority mode instead than the DND mode will let phone call from your closest go through during DND - this depends on your DND mode settings…

Thakns a lot. I guessed it was something like that but was a little confused by the german translation but now that i know it makes perfectly sense.

can someone clarify exactly what is the difference when ‘priority mode’ is on or off? in android 12, do not disturb mode already has settings available to the user for who or what can interrupt. so which ‘priority mode’ setting, on or off, invokes do not disturb exactly as i’ve setup android 12? and exactly what is different with ‘priority mode’ the other way?

Hi, the Do Not Disturb when sleeping enabled “alarms-only” DND (everything except alarms is muted).
The priority mode allows other exceptions you have configured in your system settings (apps, certain contacts…).