What does "disable" mean in "Maximum total snooze time"

When setting the “Maximum total snooze time” i see options are like these:

  • Default
  • Disabled
  • 3 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 90 minutes

Rather than “disabled” i was expecting to see either or both:

  • No limit (as in “the snooze limit is disabled, and i can snooze forever”)
  • Not allowed (as in “ability to snooze is disabled, e.g. there won’t be a snooze option”)

Can you clarify which one is the case for disabled?
This is also not covered in current docs: Snooze - Sleep as Android

Hello @Bekir_Dogan,
Disabled maximum snooze time means, that there is not limit - you can snooze as long as you wish.
But it is true it is not as clear as the options in the Snooze limit. We will fix this in the next version, and change “disabled” to “no limit”. Thank you for the suggestion!

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