Weird Hypnogram Issues

Hi, running latest version of Sleep. Have a Fold4 and a GalaxyWatch 4. For some reason this week Sleep has started to suddenly record some of the nights sleep as a block. I thought it was the watch so tried without and the same happened? It knows I slept all night but doesnt record this as sleep due to the weird period during the night in the hypnogram. All permissions are granted on phone and watch. It has worked fine until this week? Some nights this week it has been fine and other times it does it, regardless of using watch or just phone. So confused!! Was about to buy premium so would appreciate any help!!!

Hi @MarcW, just from the screenshot, it looks like “awake when using phone”. Are you using a wireless or tilted charger?
Please, use the Left ≡ menu → (?) Support → Report a bug, and send me the application logs. We can tune this awake’s sensitivity down, but I need to be sure.

Thank you for the quick reply! I have awake when using phone set to high sensitivity? All the others are set to medium but that one is set to high for some reason? I often don’t charge overnight but when I do I use a wall charger? Is setting sensitivity back to medium enough to stop this issue? Again, many thanks, love the app!

High sensitivity will trigger the awake more often. So let’s try the medium first. If this won’t help, I better check the logs :slight_smile: so let me know tomorrow.