Weight too low, falls over

Had my sleep phaser several weeks now, love it.

Bit of feedback; it needs a chunk of metal in the base. It is just too light and keeps falling over with the slightest knock.

It would also be useful if you could control the base colour changing light via the app (and possibly a webhook for IFTTT integration.)


Yes, is it possible to open the Sleep Phaser from the ottom and add some metal for better stability?

Big thanks for your feedback. Sleep Phaser version 2 is just around the corner. The gravity center is way lower thanks to all the circuit boards being in the base. Previously the bluetooth board was in the neck, making it unstable.

As we’ll have more Sleep Phasers in the wild, we’ll add more features like the IFTTT webhook.

Unfortunately the base light won’t be configurable as it’s detached from the control board.