Weather Data

From Chaela on 2015/04/14 20:52:36 +0000

It would be nice if we could select the location and/or weather service that the app gets it’s data from in the morning. The temp the app gives me is always 8-10 degrees F lower than what weather underground, forca, accuweather and my own thermometer says it is. I suspect it might be because I live on the boarder between 2 towns, and the town I’m actually in is 500 ft higher in elevation than the town I’m next to, do the sun actually gets to where I live sooner (we’re right next to a mountain on the east, but up on a ridge), but the only weather station within 5 km is in the lower town that gets direct sun about 45 minutes after we do. If I could manually set the location, I could correct for this.

Copied from original feature request:

From Michael Writhe on 2015/04/21 07:09:38 +0000

Petr, would it be possible to include the ability to provide an api key to the other services rather than build the key in?

I've seen this done in other apps before. Namely using