Wearables battery life

For two weeks now I have a Garmin Vivoactive 4 and of course I connected it to my Sleep App.

Now one of the main reasons I wanted that watch was its long lasting battery (around 8 days), but now using it with the Sleep as Android app I see my power draining often 40% or more in one night! (around 7 hours active sleep tracking)

Tbh that’s a big negative point for me right now. I don’t want to charge the watch every second day and I ask myself if it’s really worth it? Is it much more accurate with the watch than just the sonar tracking?
Why is it draining my battery like that? When I set up the watch to use with the app I saw an estimated battery use of 10-15% on the website.


A little update just to ensure the battery loss is not caused by a faulty battery:

I reset the watch completely, just installing one 3rd party widget (Battery Monitor) and the battery life is great. Using only 0,2 % per hour battery with a standard watchface.

So indeed the huge battery drain is caused by the sleep app.

I currently switched back to using the sonar for Sleep as Android.


Thanks for this. I was just about to set up my Vivoactive 4 with their app. I’ll hold off till l see a response to this posting.

This has still not changed btw even 3 years later. I love using the SAA app with my watch I think it works way better but having to charge the battery daily sucks Considering getting an entirely separate watch like a mi band or something just to use with the SAA app.