Wearable Advice

I’d like some wearable advice. I’d love to get HR and possible 02 readings, but my main concern is just a more accurate sleep tracking and being able to auto-start tracking if I forget. Comfort is another big concern. I was hoping the Oura ring or some other ring tracker would be a good option, but it seems Oura doesn’t provide a bluetooth API and might turn off bluetooth while sleeping and the only other ring I saw was the 02Ring pulse ox which is noted as having a bright display that doesn’t turn off and is potentially buggy since it’s a reverse engineered API.

Any suggestions on the best wearable or device to use with SaA to get at least the main above needs covered?

Hello Steven, the availability of SpO2 data is the most limiting factor, only a few wearables provide API for developers. There is support only for Garmin Connect IQ, and a few Wear OS based wearables (https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/devices/supported_wearable.html).

Alternatively, you can use the Health Connect service to sync the SpO2 data in the morning and use a compatible wearable, even when it is not providing SpO2 data to us.

Oura is sadly not compatible. The only compatible ring is the O2Ring, and this integration was only possible thanks to the work of ChakaponDen developers.

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Is the Sp02 data something that helps the active sleep tracking or is it only used after sleep tracking is complete anyhow? In other words, if I’m missing Sp02 data during active sleep tracking, does that have an affect on accuracy?

Also, if you’re comfortable with it, could you recommend a wearable that will give me reliable tracking as above (Sp02 not required if it doesn’t affect tracking) but isn’t a big ole chunky thing that’s uncomfortable to sleep in?

The SpO2 data collected in real-time are used for low-breath alarms; this type of data is not used for the sleep analysis itself.

To be honest, I hate having a wearable on my wrist, even the lightweight bands (like MiBands) are too uncomfortable for me to have it during the night. If I need to test a wearable, I have it on my ankle.
Our users seem to really like the Galaxy Watch 4+5, but it is a bit heavier. The more features the watch has, the bulkier it is.

From your comment, I have to ask, is Wellue’s thumb O2 ring compatible with SAA? https://getwellue.com/products/o2ring-wearable-pulse-oximeter I currently have a Samsung phone and Active2 watch and want to add O2 tracking to SAA. Is there any issue with multiple wearbles working together? If I have to make a purchase to add O2 tracking, is the Wellue thumb ring more advisable, or should I upgrade to a Galaxy Watch 4/5, and if so, is there a concern of battery drain using it for O2 monitoring during the night? The Active 2 watch seems fine for me so far and it’s battery life is great, I seem to get 2-3 days between charges despite its age, but I don’t mind upgrading the watch if I can get O2 readings in SAA without too much of a battery impact. The O2 thumb ring doesn’t seem like it would be too bothersome to sleep with, would a dedicated device like that be the better choice? In any case, thanks for wonderful software and for the advice, much appreciated!

I use the polar sense. It is accurate with auto tracking, hrv and heart rate. It does not do o2, which I was looking for. Very few wearables will track o2 with SAA. I also get the Sleep Phaser, which tracks respiration, but you can’t track all 3 at the same time. I switch off sometimes, but mostly use the sense for hrv and hr.