Wear OS Watchface Complication Next Phone Alarm

I have been seeking a way to display a complication on my Wear OS 3 that shows the next alarm as set on my phone through the Sleep as Android app. This way, I can conveniently verify the time of my next alarm straight from my watch, reducing the need to constantly check my phone.

I understand that due to the architecture of the system, alarms are not exposed beyond the Android app, hence, developing an app to achieve this would likely be challenging, if not impossible. However, I believe that incorporating this functionality into your existing app could be within the realm of possibility and could significantly enhance its value to users.

To clarify, my request is not for a full synchronization feature where a watch alarm is synced to a phone alarm and vice versa. Rather, I am seeking a solution where I can view the next alarm set on my phone from my watch, without the need to touch my phone. This could be particularly handy at night when one wants to ensure the alarm is set correctly without having to interact with the phone.

I’m aware of your app’s feature of sending nightly notification reminders, which is indeed useful. However, there is the risk of accidentally dismissing these reminders, hence the proposed feature could serve as a useful and reliable alternative.

I am confident that this feature could be a valuable addition, offering greater convenience and user-friendliness to your application’s ecosystem. I hope you would consider implementing it in a future update of Sleep as Android.

Thank you for considering my suggestion. I’m looking forward to your response and the continuous evolution of Sleep as Android.