WBTB mode - right detection of sleep stages

If one is doing WBTB technique, SaA always detect the “getting asleep” stage as deep sleep instead of awake because one doesn’t move at all. The whole attempt is always detected as awake -> deep sleep -> light sleep. In fact it is always like this: awake -> awake -> light sleep.

wbtb in SaA

It’s understandable because the sleep detection works like that. If we could tell the app we are attempting WBTB, the app could easily detect it in the right way.

Possible solution 1: in the alarm settings, there would be a switch for WBTB technique. If it is checked, the app would know that after the alarm and awake state, the “deep sleep” is not a deep sleep but awake.

Possible solution 2: in the sleep tracking window, just before we get to bed (after being awake in the middle of the night) we could click on “WBTB” button to tell the app that the next phase is Awake and not deep sleep.