Watch battery drain while tracking

Running beta version 20190514. The past 2 nights I’ve woke up to a dead battery on my watch. Just did a test with a fully charge watch battery. I ran sleep as android for 1 hour and my watch battery drained 5%.

I’m not sure if the app is locking up, draining the battery or both. I manually start tracking from my watch and then lock the screen. In the morning I wake the watch and stop tracking from the notification.

The other morning I couldn’t wake the watch so I had to stop tracking from the phone. I tried holding down the power button but the watch didn’t turn on. So I put it on the charger and it started charging so I went to take my shower. When I returned 30 minutes later I had to turn the watch on and it was 100% charged. It takes longer than 30 minutes to fully charge the watch from a dead battery so I thought maybe the sleep app, or something else locked up the watch. Looking at the sleep report it appears to have stopped tracking just under 7 hours from start.

This morning I had the same problem, could not wake the watch. This time it only tracked for 90 minutes and the battery was completely dead. That’s when I charged the watch and ran the tracking for an hour to see how much the battery drains while running. At about 5% an hour, the battery should drain 40% for 8 hours. Normally it has only drained the battery about 15%, maybe 20% at most.

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ with the latest android pie and Samsung One UI update. My watch is the Ticwatch Pro with the latest wear os update.