Warning from Google about "Unverified developer"

Hi there,

I’m concerned about security warning from Google about “SleepCloud: Backup for Sleep as Android” and it’s access to my Google Account. Mostly by the status of Urbandroid as a “Unverified developer” and Google warning about that:

This app or service has extensive access to your personal information and its developer’s information hasn’t been verified by Google. You should remove its access unless you’re sure you trust it.

Is it a big issue for you guys to get “verified” by Google?


Hello @vinnie, many thanks for reporting this. We had one another report just like this. Ironically it is just after we have passed a verification process which took as more than 4 months to complete :)… My theory was that maybe is you are a long term user you did grant us permission to some extended scopes where during the verification we had shrunk the scopes as much as possible to pass the process.

The other user reported that removing the connecting with Sleep as Android or Sleep Cloud in your Google account and than re-connecting did actually resolve the issue… Can you give it a try?

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Hi Petr,

First of all - thank you very much for immediate response. Among other things - great, continuous support from Urbandroid is the reason why I use your apps on daily basis.

Indeed - I am a long term user and I didn’t notice that permissions for SleepCloud had also some old Google Fit perm. I’ve reconnected SleepCloud again to my Google account and everything is OK now.

Thanks a lot for help and all the best for whole Urbandroid Team!

@vinnie big thanks for confirming this! Very much appreciated. Many thanks for using our app and letting us know!